Ovarian Cysts Treatment – What Are the Various Options?

Ovarian cysts are basically functional cysts that tend to develop during the end of a woman’s menstrual cycle. Usually, these cysts clear up naturally once the eggs present in them are released into the fallopian tubes. But sometimes these benign cysts tend to block blood supply to the ovaries or can turn cancerous or malignant causing harm to the body. Hence cysts treatment can vary from individual to individual depending on the condition.

Oral contraceptives are frequently prescribed as a form of ovarian cysts treatment. Contraceptives contain a condensed formulation of estrogen and progesterone and can prevent a woman’s monthly menstrual cycle. Since these functional cysts are formed only during periods, birth control pills are given to stall its coming. This form of treatment is not advised for all women except for those who have a family history of developing cysts.

Cystectomy is a surgical procedure that can be used as ovarian cysts treatment. Though commonly used to treat bladder cancer, this surgery can also be used to remove harmless cysts from the ovary leaving them intact and thus enabling the woman to bear more children. But cystectomy is not advisable for malignant ovarian cysts; in this case, all or part of the ovaries also has to be removed along with the cysts affecting the fertility of the woman.

The last resort for ovarian cysts treatment is a surgical procedure known as oophorectomy. In this procedure, one or both of the woman’s ovaries have to be removed which can affect her ability to produce estrogen. Such women are also advised to undergo hormone replacement therapy (HRT) which is not a desirable therapeutic form as it can cause various side effects. This surgery also renders the woman incapable to have more children.

The most important thing is to consult a doctor as soon as you develop these cysts as they can tend to get malignant over time. Prompt ovarian cysts treatment can most often cure the problem without causing any kind of side effects in the long run.

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Effective Natural Treatment Of Ovarian Cysts

Dealing with ovarian cysts can be made easier by employing natural cures, the most effective natural treatment being natural progesterone. This is a natural hormone that is identical to the hormone that your body creates in the second half of your menstrual cycle. Your body also produces the same hormone throughout the period when you are expecting.

When you take natural progesterone, your body will behave as if it is with child. A sign will be sent to the ovaries to stop them from making an egg. The ovaries will in turn signal the cysts to stop rising. The advantage of working with this hormone to treat cysts is that it is compatible with your body and its side effects are minimal if any.

You should take sufficient amounts of natural progesterone, preferably from the tenth day to the twenty sixth day of your menstrual cycle. This will inhibit the production of the luteinizing hormone. When this happens both of your ovaries will receive a phony signal that the other one has already ovulated and will not therefore release an egg. This implies that the cyst will not receive any stimulation and will shrink away after one or two months.

Another natural treatment for cyst is the use of herbs. Most herbal remedies that are used to treat cysts are known to boost the immune system to fight the growth of cysts. Echinacea will improve your immunity and improve the count of your white blood cells as well as their activity. The white blood cells will then engulf any abnormal cells in your body including the ovarian cyst cells. Echinacea performs well if you take breaks in between its use; for example you can take it every day for ten days and take a break for 3 days. You can then resume taking it for the next ten days.

To totally cure cysts, your liver needs a detox in order to excrete excess hormones. A detox also destroys abnormal cells from your body. Milk thistle is a good herbal liver tonic that efficiently performs these functions.

You can use black cohosh or red clover to control your menstrual cycle and balances your hormones. Red clover also has the results of estrogen on your body. Dandelion is another good herbal treatment for cysts as it assists in cleaning your liver.

You may use supplements as natural treatment for ovarian cyst. Both supplements of vitamin C and zinc will boost your immunity. In addition, vitamin C will destroy the abnormal cells in the cyst. On the other hand, zinc will boost your reproductive system. It is also crucial for protecting your DNA cells from being damaged by free radicals. This will help to prevent the occurrence of cysts.

You should make some nutritional modifications in order to prevent suffering from ovarian cysts. Avoid meat and dairy products. Instead, eat more whole grains, fruits, vegetables ands legumes. Sticking with natural treatment for ovarian cyst should cure your cysts without leaving you with serious side effects.

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